Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sad loss

Hi Tasmin
Deepley saddened to find out today that Simon has passed over.
I really do not know how to express this loss to you and your family. Simon was a great friend although we have not seen each other for many years, we had many a good time and adventure together, which shall not be forgotten.
I also practiced Aikido with Simon, at the Slough dogo and Jack Poole as Sensei. Whom I have lost contact with over the years.
leaving you with this short post, sending love and light, Peter J Lach

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sad News and Thankful for the Time spent in Simon's Dojo

I recently started training in Aikido again after a 10 years  and looked up my first Dojo and Sensei.
I  was shocked and saddened to see that Simon had passed away.

I trained at Akidojo Haarlem for about 4 years from 1998-2002.  Simon, his welcoming personality and humor made training at Aikido Dojo Haarlem very enjoyable for me.  I am thankful to have had that time with him at his Dojo.   Thank you Simon. 

It was very nice to see that Aikidojo Haarlem lives on and that many of people I trained with are still there.  

Thank you for sharing such a personal account of Simon's last days. 

Though more than a year later,  my heartfelt condolences to Liduina, Tasmin, Maya and Galen,  and all of Simon's students. 

with fond memories, 

Piet Slaghekke

Monday, 11 June 2012

Respect & Sympathy

Just learnt that Simon Deering has passed away. I am shocked by this and I want to tell all I hugely respect what he meant as a martial artist and for the members of his Aikidojo . My sympathy goes out to his wife, children and students.


Marcel Takken

Friday, 1 June 2012

Please accept my and Terasem's sincere sympathy for the transition of your dear friend, Simon, to the next level of existence.
I did not know Simon, but am familiar with his (and your) work on the Bernal-like Terasem Colony. The world is a lesser place in the absence of such passion and talent.
Warm regards,



I  knew Simon briefly, and I was captivated by amazing background, his
creative work and his lively demeanor. And he then turned out being an accomplished
Aikido-ka as well. This is one case where I feel deeply sad about this loss for the 
world and for his family.  He touched my heart with his wisdom, and I feel
grateful having seen what he was about. Truly a special person. Bon vivant :)

Khannea Suntzu

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A great guy is passed away

I was shocked today to hear Simon has passed away.
One part of him was his family, one part his dojo, one part his creative job and one part his room upstairs where he spend so many year together with his family and his computers. And maybe more parts that I don't know of. Since many years I have been computer friends with Simon. And shared our computer knowledge. Even that we did saw each other a few times a year since 1998 sms each other when we could give each other help ,knowing the last time that I saw him was at his favorite indian restaurant I miss him now... . I was honored to have been a friend of him and wish all his talented family Liduina, Tasmin, Maya and Galen so much strength for the next future.. It will be difficult to fight like Simon did at the dojo, going with the flow and with so it seemed minimum of effort. Simon Thanx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

So sad and sorry to hear of your loss.
Simon and I lived together in Slough in 1979.
The house was a crazy place full of musical instruments, a full size drum kit, pan pipes galore and strange things we were not sure whether to play,
smoke or just admire. There was never a dull moment in that house and most of the mystique and cheer was added by Simon.
We practiced Aikido together and he was at my Wedding.
A great Man to know and his practice of Karmic parking, drive and a space will appear, always seemed to work.
Tibetan moon boots and that smile will always be my memory of him.
I am sure he has applied "Karmic parking" for his place in Heaven, no definition of Heaven needed.
Carry on Simon.
David Helsby