Monday, 11 June 2012

Respect & Sympathy

Just learnt that Simon Deering has passed away. I am shocked by this and I want to tell all I hugely respect what he meant as a martial artist and for the members of his Aikidojo . My sympathy goes out to his wife, children and students.


Marcel Takken

Friday, 1 June 2012

Please accept my and Terasem's sincere sympathy for the transition of your dear friend, Simon, to the next level of existence.
I did not know Simon, but am familiar with his (and your) work on the Bernal-like Terasem Colony. The world is a lesser place in the absence of such passion and talent.
Warm regards,



I  knew Simon briefly, and I was captivated by amazing background, his
creative work and his lively demeanor. And he then turned out being an accomplished
Aikido-ka as well. This is one case where I feel deeply sad about this loss for the 
world and for his family.  He touched my heart with his wisdom, and I feel
grateful having seen what he was about. Truly a special person. Bon vivant :)

Khannea Suntzu