Party instead of funeral

Dad decided he wanted his body to be put to use after he'd passed away. This means there will not be a funeral, nor a cremation. Dad's body has been donated to science.

What dad would really like, is for us to have a party in honour of his life (instead of to sit around and sulk). 

This party will take place on the 10th of March. See details below.


Dad's Party

You are hereby invited to come and celebrate dad's life on the 10th of March 2012. RSVP before 5 March!

The celebration will be split into two dad-like activities. The first will be a special memorial aikido class organised by the Aikidojo Haarlem. The second will be a big dinner party in what dad used to call his 'office': the India Palace in Haarlem.

Memorial Aikido Class 
14:30 – 17:00 at the Oosterhoutlaan 19, Haarlem  
Jack Poole is going to try and come to take (some of the) class. However, if he is not able to manage the trip, class will be led by some of dad's friends and students. RSVP here
Dinner Party
18:00 onwards at the Gedempte Oude Gracht 29, Haarlem 
There will be an Indian buffet with a number of dishes, including dad's favourite: Simon Special (hotter than extremely hot! Be careful!). Soft drinks, beer and wine are included. Additionally, a few bottles of whisky will be offered after dinner as a gift from some of dad's generous friends. It might be a nice idea for everyone who has one, to bring along a fun, pretty or silly picture of dad. I'll have some glue and pencils ready, with a big fat book for sticking the pictures in. RSVP here.

To help us cover the costs of dad's party, an envelope, basket, bucket, or other kind of container will be present at the party for anyone willing to contribute to put something in.

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