Sunday, 20 May 2012

A great guy is passed away

I was shocked today to hear Simon has passed away.
One part of him was his family, one part his dojo, one part his creative job and one part his room upstairs where he spend so many year together with his family and his computers. And maybe more parts that I don't know of. Since many years I have been computer friends with Simon. And shared our computer knowledge. Even that we did saw each other a few times a year since 1998 sms each other when we could give each other help ,knowing the last time that I saw him was at his favorite indian restaurant I miss him now... . I was honored to have been a friend of him and wish all his talented family Liduina, Tasmin, Maya and Galen so much strength for the next future.. It will be difficult to fight like Simon did at the dojo, going with the flow and with so it seemed minimum of effort. Simon Thanx

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