Saturday, 10 March 2012

Aikido family

Simon, for me the one word that springs most to mind when thinking about him is joy. Joy in aikido, joy in live.

That great smile of his on the mat, was what attracted me to aikido and what made me stay. He is the one person I know that failed an aikido exam for smiling too much.

But aikido for Simon was much more than smiling and laughing, it was also a way of live. He truly felt that aikido could save the world, and if not that, it could save the people close to him, his aikido family. He enjoyed this family very much and he liked it thoroughly when we would bring our kids with us to practice. A disturbance they might have been, never a nuisance to him.

Luckily we got to spend time with him as much on the mat as off the mat. We have spend countless nights eating, drinking, playing games (cosmics!) and talking. Yes, drinking and talking, most important.


No, most important is family, and especially his own. We wish Liduina, Tasmin, Maya and Galen all the strength they need in this difficult time.


Simon we miss you terribly. Thanks for teaching us all we know about aikido, and thanks for teaching us much we know about live. In the words of Karel (our three year old and namesake (Charles)):  "Ik vind het helemaal niet leuk dat Simon niet meer leeft."  What more can one say...
love, Johanneke, Quirijn, Karel en Toon

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