Friday, 2 March 2012


It's a surreal moment – learning that your best mate has left our world to go enjoy his next adventure. A massive mix of emotions. Sadness of course, as I will miss the teachings, laughs, crazy times (and man were some of them crazy – remember blamange roads in Belgium Simon???!) and of course the friendship of one of life's true gentle men.

Love and thoughts of course must go out to Liduina, Tasmin, Maya and Galen; all amazing people that didn't waver, and made Simon as comfortable as humanly possible (in fact more so) and kept us all up to date in an honourable manner as well as dealing with their own grief – all in all a bloody amazing group of people. 

Many people have written far more than I ever can. I miss you mate, but you know that. Enjoy what you are doing now, those of us still here will look after those close to you that need it, so don't worry on that front. Go do your stuff and, the universe permitting, I'll see you soon…

Oh Yes ! - a Blatant rip off – but some words that, in my mind sum up the brilliant, mad, naughty, fearsome, sensitive, force of nature that IS Simon Charles Deering:

A person who
In any situation 

Perceives the truth with resignation
Would never need to draw his sword in haste

Enjoy my friend – whoever, wherever you are teaching.


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