Saturday, 28 January 2012

Camper adventure

Before seven in the morning on the first day of the weekend, the entire street was woken up by the camper alarm. It woke Simon as well, and he had to phone Liduina who then phoned Maya who then had to go and sort things out. Even the police came round to find out what was going on. The camper alarm is malfunctioning, and needs resetting by the garage.

On top of all this morning fun, Simon had had a bad night. He thought it was because of lack of drugs, but he didn't really need any fentanyl because he wasn't feeling any pain...

Liduina's brother Marc came to see Simon today. He drove over specially from Frankfurt. That was much appreciated. Marc and Simon had a nice conversation, and at the end of it Simon said to Marc that it had now been enough. He does not want to receive any more visitors after Marc. Except of course for the three appointments that have already been made (Arjan tomorrow, Liduina's parents Opa & Oma on Tuesday, and then Matthew's daughter Katherine on Thursday). And it is a good decision. Simon does his damnedest to be as alert as he can whenever there is a visitor, but it sucks out all of his energy. He has to sleep for the rest of the day to recover, and we're starting to notice that that recovery is not happening completely any more.

Liduina and Maya visited the hospice and found all sorts of pro's, but also many cons for Simon being moved to there. The biggest con was that one of the ladies currently there is allowed to smoke—as long as she's there, Simon stays with us. No question.

Marc treated the family to an Indian take away and ate upstairs with Liduina, Maya, Galen and Simon. Simon had his prawns, but in masala sauce in stead of the Simon Special, and he only ate a tiny bit of the portion. After he'd done he needed a rest straight away, no time for after-dinner-tea this time.

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