Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The help

The current household situation is as follows. Helen the nurse comes in an hour a day to help Simon with Simon-related things, and talks to Liduina and Maya about how things are going and offers suggestions for problems and handy attributes for practical issues. Gloria the cleaner comes in on Tuesdays and Fridays to clean the house, and man, the house has never in the history of the Deerings been so clean! Then there's Nel the cook, who cooks, obviously, every day for whoever comes for dinner plus more to freeze. Nel also helps with all sorts of anything around the house. And from Thursday onwards, there's Genevieve the night nurse. Liduina and Maya are busy all day long looking after Simon and phoning all sorts of people to organise all sorts of organisation-needing stuff, and then suddenly it's evening.

It's hectic. And perhaps it'd be more peaceful for Simon to be in a hospice, where it's always clear who does what and when who is where and why. It would be easier for Liduina, Maya and Galen too. But on the other hand, Simon is confused as it is. If we move him to a hospice, into a room he doesn't know, with furniture he doesn't recognise, what would there be for him to hold on to alertness by? If I were Simon, I think I would prefer to spend my last week(s) in my own familiar home... But I'm not Simon, and maybe Simon doesn't want so many strangers in his house more than he doesn't want to be in a hospice... who knows?

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