Sunday, 29 January 2012


Arjan came to visit dad briefly around midday. He'd had an appointment with Simon last Tuesday but had arranged it with Simon, not with Liduina. So when Arjan extremely decently phoned Liduina on Tuesday to make sure the visit was still okay, Liduina didn't know about it and told him no! A day or two later Martijn explained to Liduina that Arjan had actually properly arranged the visit, so Liduina made sure Arjan got a slot of time with Simon today. But Simon was so tired, that the slot of time was no more than about 10 minutes; Arjan had not even been able to finish his tea. It was good that he'd come though.

Simon's getting uncomfortably bloated and more and more confused. Since yesterday it is also more difficult for him to get up from his bed. Simon still drinks gallons, if it's not by now barrels, and has started eating very, very little. He only had a tangerine today, and a few prawns (Nel- and Mayamade™ with garlic oil) for dinner.


  1. Thanx for the blog Tasmin. It's good to have this information.
    Everyday I have the urge to see how Simon is, but it's obviously not possible.
    (There is such a thing as too much attention).
    It was great to see Simon the other day!
    I'm so sad to be losing a great friend.
    Please give him all my love!
    Adrian xxx

  2. Thank you for this Tasmin. I was very glad to have been able to see Simon a couple of weeks ago - please give him my love.