Friday, 27 January 2012


Doug came to see Simon today. He spent the large part of an entire hour with him, and Simon was quite alert! Simon thoroughly enjoyed seeing and talking to Doug. He told me later that when it was time, it was hard to let Doug leave.

After Doug's visit Simon was very tired, so he slept. He managed to sit up for dinner (Nel's sauerkraut & mashed potato with bacon and sausage) but most of what he said was mumbled and rather confusing. I offered to make Simon some coffee, which he gladly accepted—as long as Maya made it. So I made tea for Liduina, Maya, Galen (who came back from Maastricht today) and myself. And Maya was left to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Simon is getting more and more confused, and the fentanyl is causing him to mix up his thoughts and create random associations (like all visitors playing the flute). It makes for interesting conversation.

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