Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tomato juice

The night nurse came for the first time last night. Simon does not like it, but he understands she has to be there so that Liduina, Maya and Galen can sleep at night without having to worry about him.

Nurse Helen noticed Simon's belly is filling up with fluid, stretching out. This ascites can be extremely uncomfortable. Helen suggested we have the GP do a paracentesis (ascitespunctie), to relieve some of the pressure. Simon likes this idea. He says the ascites is now actually the only thing causing him discomfort. So Liduina spoke to the GP about a paracentesis, but according to him it would give relief for maybe only two or three days...

Simon had some Mayamade™ miso soup for lunch which he enjoyed. For the rest, he didn't eat much, but he drinks gallons of all sorts all day long—and still cannot quench his thirst. He has tomato juice, vegetable juice, ginger ale, milk, tea and of course his super special home made mix of lemon juice, sugar, salt and water.

Martijn came to visit Simon for an hour, and was lucky to find him rather alert. Martijn even got Simon to phone Eric, to make sure that Eric knew that it was Simon's intention to have Martijn take over the dojo. After his visit to Simon Martijn stayed another two hours to talk to Liduina.

I came round to see Simon during dinner time again. Simon was feeling well enough for Liduina and me to eat upstairs with him.

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