Saturday, 25 February 2012


Where to begin?

I have been coming to the Netherlands since I first met Mr Bacas in 1978 and since 1980 these visits were made from Japan. Whenever I came to the Netherlands and visited Haarlem, I always spent some 'quality time' with Simon: drinking tea at home, testing my mouth against the flaming curries prepared at a number of restaurants (my mouth always failed the tests), eating 'power' breakfasts (always including sausages) or drinking stronger stuff than tea in the dining room / whisky bar of the Carlton Square Hotel, dining at the fort or elsewhere, with or without Martijn and Louison. The whisky bar was once the place of a memorable evening with Simon and especially Liduina discussing Plato and from now on I shall be somewhat lost if I go to a Thai or Indian restaurant in Haarlem, for Simon usually ordered for me.

I think our paths crossed more in Holland than in the UK, but I recollect numerous references in past conversations to M Kanetsuka, the Sekiyas, Hillfield Road, and fishing with K Chiba. Once, however, our paths crossed in Japan and Simon is still fondly remembered in Hiroshima for some of the things he is remembered for in Holland: friendship, good conversation, enjoying good food and drink. I had hoped that the 'bucket list' he was compiling would have included another trip.

But it was not to be and Simon has left us. Condolences to Liduina and all the family -- and have a very good party on March 10.

Peter Goldsbury
Chairman (General Director)
International Aikido Federation (IAF)

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  1. I find it most upsetting that Simon has gone. Although we haven't seen each other in years, we kept in touch through Facebook etc. I knew he was ill, just not how ill. Sorry, too upset to say anything else just now.