Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Many years ago

Many years ago, I met Simon in Aikidojo in Amsterdam. At the time I was struggling to involve new people in organizing the NCAF. Simon came to talk to me and in his usual friendly stride inquired what I was trying to achieve and with his usual disdain for formality sort of gave me his opinion.
Quite opposite from what I expected from the conversation initially, he sort of changed his opinion. He never became one for meetings and organization, but he was always involved, always had a considered opinion, always supported whatever we tried in his own manner.
Who has trained with Simon has an example of what sempai can mean: the warmth of a senior who will share his experience, look after you, cherish you in his own way. I have experienced that feeling outside of the training as well.
I have known Simon for more than 20 years. I am certain I will remember him vividly for the next 20 years. I will miss the support, the reality-check, the humor.
But I will also miss one of the reasons to actually be involved in organizing Aikido: friends in dojos that make the effort worthwhile.
Let's all take a bit of Simon into our lives he will be with us always. And remember, he is probably having a good time with the ferryman.

Finally, my best wishes for Liduina, Maya, Tasmin and Galen. If we miss him so much, you must miss him so much more.


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