Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Brother

Simon, my brother, I am so glad we re-found each other in later years.
I am so glad that we had warning of your demise, we could spend time thinking, drinking, laughing and roaring at the world before finally the silence came.
You were not perfect, you were flawed, but so are we all and we worked through our differences in a way many brothers never manage to even begin.
Thai food, the shared films, red wine, indian food, fun cars, whisky, pub grub, snooker..... So many adult memories that cannot be taken away, sadly some things never done but no regrets.
I am crying as I write this, I cannot help it but I am not ashamed. You are irreplaceable, you were incorrigible, and always inescapable, and sometimes indefatigable in defence of a spurious argument.
Thank God we hugged, said good bye and told each other we loved the other before you went.
All my love

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