Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Today was strange. Dad was exceptionally alert which was a complete contrast to last night... but he was also downright delirious. There were wrinkled dragons in the corner, little people on his shoulder... he also explained what he'd been busy with: he shot three films today, and they now need editing. The French interference was also a recurring topic. And apparently, dad is ready for what he's tried to do all week, because now he's qualified. Whatever that may mean.

In any case, dad was perfectly approachable, his replies were just slightly incomprehensible for the people outside of the World of Oxycodone.

Just in case, the doctor has prescribed some haloperidol (an antipsychotic) for if the hallucinations get frightening, or if dad becomes paranoid, suspicious or scared.

When mum played the sansula (a kind of karimba or kalimba, a thumb piano), dad stopped talking nonsense and really listened. Dad really enjoyed the sound.

Dad had a whole piece of toast today, and for dinner quite a couple of spoons full of chili con carne... and even a glass of red wine.


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